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We Believe That Highly Effective Business Leaders

and High Performance Organizations

Fully Competent Organizations –make the world

More Socially Just, Culturally Vibrant and Economically Sustainable.

Because it isn’t about making a big splash.


Welcome to The BullFrog Group. If you believe that leadership is a journey – and that how well you lead matters – this is a place where you can “jump in” and join other CEOs and  business leaders who are making a splash in the organizations they lead and a difference in the world we all live in. By working together to become more competent and more effective leaders we bring more to life and to society through the ripples we make.

The men and women who lead successful organizations are our heroes. We believe they make greater contributions to society than politics, policies or government ever has or ever will by providing for the social, economic and cultural needs of people around our communities, around our nation and around the world. Our mission is to enhance the lives and increase the effectiveness of these heroes by helping them improve their performance – and the performance of their organizations.

Become A More Effective Leader

Leadership is a performing art: It requires some basic skills that can be taught - but mastery requires both learning and practice practice - along with the guidance of a coach or mentor.

Effective Leaders Build and Grow Sustainable, High-Performance Organizations

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Learning = Growth. Growth = Life

We help engineer and grow better leaders by providing a unique set of proven tools and methods. There are no recipes, secret sauces or shortcuts. We help pave the surest and quickest path for those willing to take the journey.

Discover, Develop and Nurture The Heroic Leader Within Yourself

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How To Jump In

It's lonely at the top - but the view is incredible. The BullFrog Group provides relief from the isolation and the means to nourish your vision, enrich your life and leverage the success of your company to make a significant difference in the world.

Why Build an Incredible, High-Performance Organization?

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We offer opportunities for guests to experience Vistage at selected meetings. We also offer leadership workshops of a range of topics relevant to CEOs and Business Leaders. To learn more CLICK HERE

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The BullFrog Group Founder and CEO, Phil Liebman on Heroic Business Leaders

Phil Liebman talks about the power of peer group and why successful business leaders are heroes who change the world.

Do you have what it takes to take the Journey to High Performance – by driving your organization through a commitment to competence and with a sense of purpose?

Why Join a Peer Advisory Board for CEOs?

Vistage Transparent LogoThe BullFrog Group is proud to be affiliated with Vistage – the world’s leading CEO organization.

We provide members of our Vistage peer advisory groups a learning laboratory where they become better leaders, make better decisions and get significantly better results than non-Vistage member led companies.  Since 2004 we have seen the tremendous difference we have made increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives and businesses of members of our Vistage CEO and Key Executives peer advisory boards. More than 20,000 members worldwide can’t be wrong.

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Vistage members know what it takes to take their businesses to the next level. A 2015 analysis by Dun & Bradstreet revealed that companies that joined Vistage over the past five years grew at three times the rate of average U.S. companies. Vistage members get results.

The Data is Clear. Vistage Member Companies Outperform the Competition: Vistage Works.

Are You Prepared to Make Some Powerful Ripples?

Because BullFrog CEOs - bring more life by sending powerful ripples that change their companies, their communities and even the world. It starts when they jump in.
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