About Our Affiliation with Vistage: The Worlds Leading CEO Organization

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The BullFrog Group (TBFG) is proudly affiliated with Vistage – where for nearly sixty years – CEOs have been helping other CEOs be better leaders, grow stronger companies and outperform their competition.

TBFG founder, Phil Liebman has been a Group Chairman with Vistage since 2005 – working with over 50 company CEOs – facilitating private peer advisory boards and conducting more than 10,000 hours of executive coaching and mentoring. Combining the resources of more than 700 professional Chair colleagues and more than 20,000 members worldwide – Vistage provides our members and members in more than 17 countries with unmatched benefits and valuable resources that have been time-proven since Vistage (then called TEC) was founded in 1957.


The values of Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth are essential to how and why Vistage works. When Chairs and members live our values, leaders and their businesses are transformed. Vistage members grow their companies faster and outperform their competition.

It turns out to be true that it is lonely at the top. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Peer Advisory Groups support CEOs with

• Making Better Decisions
• Accountability
• Growing Personally and Professionally
• Isolation
• Change Management

Who are Vistage Members?

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The commitment to be a more effective leader is well worth the time effort. There are no shortcuts to success and no better way to improve your leadership than with the help of your peers, a skilled Chair and the support of over 58 years experience and currently more than 20,000 fellow members.

Learn more about Vistage by visiting www.Vistage.com

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