_MG_6653-940-licensed-to-Philip-R-LiebmanBullfrogs are up early, making themselves heard and making ripples in the the world.




About Our Name…

For the past 25 years I have lived in a region punctuated by beautiful natural lakes – just like the lakes I spent my summers mesmerized by as a child…

If you ever lived or spent time by one of these lakes in the Northeast United States – you know that the bullfrogs are up early in the morning going about their business. It’s hard not to notice them. I’m inspired by how when they leap into action – they cause incredible ripples on the otherwise still early-dawn water: Ripples that expand far beyond where they enter the water.

Heroic business leaders are a lot like bullfrogs. They go about their business – occasionally making a splash – but mostly remaining quietly and barely visible as they go about changing the world.

I believe that as successful, socially conscious, progressive-thinking business leaders – we have the capacity to extend our influence within our communities and our impact on the world – like ripples on the water that are seen and felt as they expand until they ultimately return to calm. We are catalysts – with the means and drive to create change – without needing to be part of the final solution. We are part of a dynamic process of constant change and improvement.

I have always been impressed with the cacophony of the bullfrogs in the early morning hours. Industrious, agile, unafraid to jump in and get wet. They inspire me to think about the heroes I work with everyday – and dream of the heroes of tomorrow. – Philip R. Liebman, CEO and Founder, The BullFrog Group.