The BullFrog Group has worked with over 50 companies in the region – providing leadership development and and serving as a catalyst for growth. Our affiliation with Vistage also connects our members to more than 20,000 members in more than 16 countries spanning the world. And founder and CEO Philip Liebman is actively involved collaboratively with more than 500 colleagues world-wide that provide access to resources, best practices and enormous trove of gained wisdoms about business and life.

About Philip Liebman, Founder and CEO – The BullFrog Group


Philip R. Liebman

Philip Liebman has been a Vistage Chair since 2005 – and has more than 5,000 hours of “C-Level” coaching experience. He is also currently a Fellow at The Thayer Institute for Leadership Virtuosity. His passion for improving organizational performance focuses developing leadership, competency and human potential. Prior to founding The BullFrog Group, Phil launched several equity-funded companies, ran a direct mail and creative advertising agency with a storied 75-year history – and served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for a regional museum and served as the business/operations manager for a US Congressional Campaign. Phil has counseled and mentored entrepreneurs and consulted with start-ups in various industries – and has been a professional speaker – traveling throughout North America presenting his work on Fiscal Leadership.