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Lead Higher • Perform Better • Accomplish With Purpose


Leading Higher Performance

The BullFrog Group ALPS –“Advanced Leadership Performance Systems” – is about leading higher performance and building fully competent organizations. ALPS is a pragmatic, holistic system approach to developing the kind of leadership necessary for creating high-performing teams and organizations.

The definition of a  High Performance Organization is one that is the best at everything it does, and gets better at what it does every day in order to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Without competent leadership this is practically impossible. But with the right thinking, concepts and tools it is entirely possible for an organization to become fully competent and rise to this level of performance.

Leadership Through Learning

By creating smart learning systems we enable leaders to develop the thinking, a commitment to a sense of duty to their purpose and the competencies required to develop themselves to their fullest leadership potential and efficaciously build and grow their organizations to their greatest potential.

Based principally on the applied works of Dr. Lee Thayer on building sustainable High Performing Organizations (HPOs), the core of our systems is the development of leadership thinking and specific performance competencies that drive the development of fully competent organizations.

By focusing on inductive learning through coaching, mentoring and access to proven resources, we enable top executives to discover and improvise the tools they need to navigate higher levels of performance and realized accomplishment. The only measure of performance is performance. The methods, systems, tools and concepts applied are only valuable in the measurement of the consequences. The purpose of the program is to help business leaders become the kinds of leaders who will accomplish what it takes for their organization to serve it’s worthy purpose to it’s fullest potential. To become a High Performing Organization, the leadership, systems and people must all be fully competent. And to be competent we must not only have the talent and skills required of performing our roles, we must also be crystal clear as to our guiding purpose in order to be fully conscientious and performing with a sense of duty.

Becoming Competent in Four Critical Leadership Roles

  1. Me Making – Getting yourself fully engaged in the learning mode ( we are either in a state of learning or of knowing – but we can’t be in both),  understanding our role descriptions and knowing what is necessary that we must make possible, and what is possible that we must make necessary – in order to become a fully competent leader.
  2. Organization Making – Aligning the means to the purpose of the organization by identifying the required resources ( real capital, human capital and reputation capital) so they can be best managed and by creating smart systems that enable competent people to perform to their potential ( and eliminating the dumb systems that impede performance), and establishing the roles within the organization required for achieving what the organization is designed to accomplish.
  3. People Making – Developing people to perform to their fullest potential in their designated roles by ruthlessly caring about their growth and development by making it necessary and possible. Defining aspirational roles that demand constant learning and improvement, setting performance standards and goals and developing learning plans that cause people to grow.
  4. Meaning Making and Meaning Management – Defining and clearly communicating purpose in why things are necessary – so that there is alignment in the beliefs and values that enable people to be fully competent and conscientious. When an organization knows it’s purpose – people perform to a higher standard, stakeholders are more actively engaged and the marketplace responds more favorably to an organization’s competencies.

Taking the First Step

Leadership is a journey. The ascent to any summit worth climbing requires intense preparation and focus. The dangers are not mitigated by the shear courage – but by developing the habits required of the journey and equipping yourself with the proper tools.

Every leader and every organization has different needs. There is no “one size fits all” solution and there are no recipes for success.

ALPS provides the training and preparation and then continues with helping you map your journey by developing clarity around the the purpose driving you and your organization, improvise the tools required for your particular ascent and guiding you through the development of your competencies to higher performance.

The first step is to contact us today and we can explore together if ALPS is right for you – and if you are right for ALPS.