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How to Gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Do you know what it takes to create a high performance organization?
Not merely a good organization, but a great one?

There Is No Recipe For Building a Great Organization
But There Is One Proven Way To
Gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage:
See to it that your company does everything it does * 
better than anyone else – and improves upon that every day.

Sure, […]

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5 Things Competent CEOs Do to Cause Serious Growth

Great Leadership Moves An Organization Forward by Turning Imagination into Reality…
These 5 Things Can Cause Serious Growth
By Phil Liebman, Founder & CEO, The BullFrogGroup

Many companies today are either stuck in ruts, suffering from stalled growth or just growing at a pace far below their potential. With rare exceptions – the marketplace isn’t anxious to reward […]

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What a CEO Can Learn from “Better Call Saul”

Have you ever noticed that the most conscientious employees – are not always the ones that follow the rules? In fact in order to be fully competent in most roles – it is necessary to improvise when needed. The idea of breaking the rules to disrupt is not a novel idea, and it makes sense […]

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Top 10 Excuses for Not Joining Vistage

Top 10 Reasons Why
NOT To Join Vistage
Compiled by my friend, colleague and fellow Vistage Chair Artie Isaac from Ohio

Some high-potential candidates raise obstacles, rather than applying for membership in Vistage. Here are some of their reasons.

“I can’t make the time to join Vistage.”

You think your time is precious? No Vistage member has any more time than […]

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The Four Things You Must Do to Lead a Competent Organization

Competent Organizations Require Deliberate Leadership That is Competent in Four Essential Tasks
To lead the journey, these four competencies must first become habit

By Phil Liebman, Founder & CEO, The BullFrog Group

Leadership isn’t about what we know how to do – or even what we do. It’s about what we accomplish through our intentions and our actions. Our […]

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Is There Really Some Magical Way to Transform Your Company’s Culture?

Chasing The Culture Fairy: In Pursuit of a Fully Competent Organization – 

Phil Liebman, CEO and Founder, The Bullfrog Group

Is there really some magical way to transform your company’s culture? It might seem so given how many books being sold and all the companies, product solutions and consultants that promise to be able to do so. […]

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Who We Are Is Not So Much a Matter of Where We’ve Come From as it is Where We Are Heading

By Phil Liebman, CEO and Founder, The BullFrog Group


The idea that our experience shapes who we are is certainly appealing. On one hand, it just rings of logic in that we accumulate experiences that we derive meaning from – and it seems sensible that what meaning we divine from our experiences informs our nature and […]

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

By Phil Liebman, Founder and CEO, The BullFrog Group

Most people would agree this is a good question to ask a child. But what happens when you ask a grown-up person? What answer might you get from asking a successful CEO – or a world leader? What answer would you give if you asked yourself – […]

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I Did This On Purpose – From the Thayer Blog at The Thayer Institute

The idea that leadership should connect to some sense of “purpose” is clearly in vogue today. There are several business bestsellers and numerous esoteric titles suggesting as much on Amazon.com alone. Enlightened leadership is a broadly appealing thought. Who can argue against having a noble purpose in life, or for your company? But as nice […]

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Attend one of our Member-Guest Days!

Member Guest Days are regular monthly board meetings when we open our doors to a few selected guests who are considering and being considered for a seat on the board.

There are tired clichés such as “a picture tells a thousand words” or “seeing is believing” — that don’t do justice to fact that our meetings […]

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