Become a Better and More Effective Leader

What is High Performance Leadership?

High Performance Leadership starts with the understanding that it is not really about the leader. It is his or her performance – and outcomes they create. They are virtuosos in creating a future that is better than today.

Becoming a leader who is capable of driving high levels of performance from themselves and from the people they lead is critical and essential to creating organizations that outperform their competition by first and foremost outperforming themselves. Highly competent leaders perform better based on how this think about things, how they shape themselves and how they shape those who surround them. They are driven by a sense of purpose that is larger than themselves and measure the things that count in order to achieve what is necessary and to make what is necessary possible to achieve – especially when others believe it is impossible. With each new height comes a new vista and a new tomorrow to be imagined and created.

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What Makes Business Leaders Heroes?

Highly Effective Business Leaders are heroes. They are men and women who lead sustainably successful high performing companies that impact our quality of life and the social, economic and cultural aspects of society in ways that far exceed the abilities of government, politics or public policy-makers.

Combining the ability to constantly envision our tomorrows, with the experience and means to execute at a high level, solve problems that get in their way and “get things done” – heroic business leaders literally change the world.

Evidence of the contributions our heroes make are everywhere – from the great philanthropists who have built hospitals, universities and research centers – to the anonymous contributions that provide school supplies, sponsor local sports and music – or benefit the arts on a local level. Successful business leaders tend to pay forward their success in meaningful and impactful ways. This is why they are heroes.

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How we help make you a better leader

Leadership can be learned – but cannot be taught. It is experiential not academic. It is more about who you are than what you do. It is not what you know – but knowing what you don’t know and need to know. Leadership a journey of constant learning and growth and fed by a desire to accomplish things we first and foremost feel are necessary – regardless of what others feel is possible. Leaders not only see possibilities – they create them.

At the BullFrog Group we believe that learning to be a better leader is a matter of having your curiosity nurtured in a safe, experience-rich environment. Creating a safe place to explore where trusted peers can challenge your thinking, question the status quo and question your answers is a formula that works. It is a system that enables real learning and helps develop the competencies required of high performing leaders.

Exposure to expert thinking, regular mentoring to encourage greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence help prepare ourselves to perform at a higher level. More importantly, it helps us see more clearly what we need to make of our people and our organizations in order to achieve a level of excellence that few organizations ever reach.

There are no recipes. The closest thing to having a secret sauce is simply by beginning with better ingredients. We carefully select the people we choose to work with based on things like your demonstrated abilities, level of self-awareness, and a commitment and sense of duty to whatever great and worth purpose guides you.

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