The BullFrog Group offers two tracks for leaders

The journey to become a highly effective leader is a matter of personal choices you make. In fact, who you are is a culmination of all the choices you have made up to now – that has brought you to where you are. Both tracks involve programs that are focused on growth and learning and are aimed to develop your potential as a leader – and the potential of your organization starting by enhancing your competencies and  improving your performance.

Peer Group Learning:

Our CEO Peer Groups are effective learning laboratories that challenge your thinking, expand your perspective and create a bias for action by creating an environment that fosters solutions to problems and accountability around personal and professional performance. We focus on primarily strategic issues that shape what you need to accomplish and why – to make how you need to perform both necessary and possible.

Utilizing the Vistage framework and model – group meetings serve as  experiential learning laboratories and also provide a forum for expert workshops by world-class thought leaders. One-to-one coaching provides a catalyst to the learning as well as an additional layer of accountability. Membership in our Vistage groups also provides access to CEOs worldwide and a full complement of leadership tools and resources. ( Click here to learn about our relationship with Vistage. )

Our Key Executive Peer Groups – are designed for emerging leaders and the direct reports of the CEO who represent the organization’s leadership team. The same learning laboratory environment provides a powerful platform for personal and professional development. The key difference is that the focus tends to be more tactically oriented – with an emphasis on execution more than just strategy. One-to-Ones are not inclusive with this program – but individual private coaching is available and encouraged.

Our In-House Leadership Team Development Groups – offer a choice of a Vistage platformed program that offers expert speaker workshops and access to the Vistage worldwide network, or organization-centric work-groups that focus that blend the value of a facilitated monthly think-tank and leadership training program.

The Bullfrog Leadership Development Program (TBLDP) Offers Private Immersive Learning

This program is steeped in the concepts, methodologies and tools developed by Dr. Lee Thayer – and detailed in Leadership: Thinking, Being, Doing.  The 15-month program focuses on learning and growth to develop the leadership thinking, competencies habits that allow the transformation of your organization into a High-Performance Organization. Click Here to Learn More About the Program