Vistage meetings are unlike any other meeting you’ve likely ever experienced.

When we get together – we go to work. CEOs engage with their peers to find solutions to their problems, explore opportunities and drive better performance from themselves and from their employees.

Vistage_Group Meeting_Photo_48Member Guest Days are regular monthly board meetings when we open our doors to a few selected guests who are considering and being considered for a seat on the board.

There are tired clichés such as “a picture tells a thousand words” or “seeing is believing” — that don’t do justice to fact that our meetings are just different than what most people expect. They are relaxed, yet intense and purposeful.  They are a “all business”- but not typically business-like. The space is part classroom, part laboratory, part theater and part sanctuary. The bond among members is palpable – and the level of mutual caring and respect is readily observable.

Meetings are combinations of expert workshops where you are challenged to learn and grow – and executive sessions where we provide the safety of a confidential expertly facilitated round-table where we explore opportunities – dive into challenges – and create commitments to take action to lead growth and drive change.

Being a guest provides you with an opportunity to see for yourself what you might be missing. And for the group to see how you can contribute.

Guests are pre-screened and interviewed – and are invited to be a member for the day.

For information on attending a meeting, please click here.