Members fall into three categories:

  1. Members of our Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Groups
  2. Private Coaching Clients
  3. Organizational Leadership Development Clients

In all cases, members are selected following a mutual interview process to ensure a good fit and a solid exchange of value to both parties.

Vistage Group Membership – Where practical (considering geographic location, travel schedules or other complications) – those wishing private coaching are generally advised to consider becoming a member of one of our peer advisory groups. The Vistage model provides an efficient and effective way to combine coaching with peer support to create a highly efficacious program for driving change and leading growth. To learn more about Vistage please visit their website at

Private Coaching is always available – and may be preferable for intensive organizational change or for dealing with clients specifically looking to improve their personal leadership competencies and performance – rather than organizational performance.

Organizational Leadership – involves working with both the CEO and is or her leadership team. This generally includes coaching of the CEO and key executives as well as team meetings, offsite retreats and specific training programs.

Qualifications and Commitments:

CEO Peer Groups:

On average we work with CEOs, presidents or owners of successfully established companies with sufficient organizational depth that the member/client is not essential to or involved directly in all day-to-day operations. The candidate must have control of the company P&L and authority to direct change in the organization at every operational level. We look for lifelong learners with leadership experience. Most run companies with between $5million and $150million in revenue and average 20 or more employees. All members of our peer groups must become members of Vistage International. Groups meet for a full day once each month – and all members receive one two-hour private coaching session each month as well.

Private Coaching:

Private coaching is programmed to meet the individual needs of the client. Most assignments involve two 90-minute coaching sessions per month – with a minimum commitment of a six-month engagement. Goals and commitments are agreed to and “contracted.”  In addition to participating in the coaching sessions, clients are often assigned reading and various assessments. Coaching is available for CEOs, company presidents, owners and key executives.

Organizational Leadership Development:

These are minimally one year and often multi-year assignments that involve periodic coaching of the CEO and leadership team, three one-day quarterly team meetings and one multi-day offsite retreat. Organizational development and both individual and operational performance goals are what guide the programming, along with individual development and learning plans. Clients typically have leadership teams of at least 4 executives and revenues over $10million.

An advanced, highly customized High Performance Catalyst Program is currently available on a limited basis. This is a 14-month intensive program – working initially only with and then primarily with the CEO in order to transform their company from an average company into a High Performing Organization – using the concepts, methodologies and approach developed by Dr. Lee Thayer. It involves weekly and perhaps more frequent coaching sessions as needed. The commitment also requires reading and study to establish effective Role Descriptions, Performance Goals, Learning Plans and pushing high level thinking down through the entire organization. For more information please click here.