Are you a Heroic Leader?

Or looking to unleash the Heroic Leader inside you?

If so, you may want to join the men and women who join together, work together and together make a difference by focusing on:

  1. Leadership
  2. Competency
  3. A commitment to developing human potential.

An African proverb observes that: To go fast, travel alone. To go far, travel together.

The members of the BullFrog Group community choose to work together to take their vision and their companies to the boundaries of their potentials – and they break through those boundaries. They are not only committed to being better today then they were yesterday, they are committed to making a better world for tomorrow.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”Henry Ford

The BullFrog Group is a community of heroic business leaders. They are heroic because of the impact they have on their families, on the members of their organizations, the people in their communities – and potentially the people of the world. They are the men and women who deliberately make their organizations significantly successful. And with that success, they make a meaningful difference. What makes them heroes is that they contribute more to the social, economic and cultural needs of society than government, politics or public policy ever has – or will. They make the world and people’s lives better every day.

Our mission is to help those who lead their organizations become better, more effective leaders. Leaders who, by their influence send ripples out into the world through their commitment to the excellent work they do – and with the power of the high-performance organizations they lead.

The most powerful way to join our community is to become a member of one of our Vistage boards of peer advisers.

These are dedicated groups of either exclusively CEOs and Business Leaders or of Key Executives – who meet monthly to both support and challenge each other. Together they work to solve problems and develop opportunities. More importantly – they are committed to their own and each others’ professional and personal growth.

We are proud of our ten year affiliation with Vistage International – the world’s leading CEO organization and their dedication to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of CEOs and business leaders. Since 1957 Vistage groups have supported CEOs and their key executives in building better, more vibrant and faster growing companies than those of their competitors. Vistage provides The BullFrog Group boards with a tremendous foundation of resources that radically enhance the value to our members.  Learn more about Vistage and our affiliation here.

Lifelong learning is the key to a successful and joy-filled life. Through constant improvement, our members expand the boundaries of their organizations by stretching the limits of their leadership. By becoming better leaders – they make better and bolder decisions, improve the performance of themselves and their organizations – and building a brighter bigger future.

In addition to our Vistage Private Peer Advisory Boards, we offer a full complement of customized programs that include:

  • Organizational Leadership Development
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Forums and Workshop (both private and public)

Learn more below.

Becoming a Member of The BullFrog Group Community

We are a deliberate community driven by a defining purpose. While our vision for this community is to see it grow and expand the diversity of thinking and experience of our members and the reach of our ripples – it is also necessary that we are extremely selective in accepting new members into our community.

We seek out those business leaders who demonstrate a commitment to learning and growth. People who see that they are connected to something greater than themselves – and are driven to explore the potential of themselves and the people they influence through their leadership.

We look for people who are interested in becoming more competent people and more competent leaders – and have a strong desire to lead high-performance organizations – understanding that the success of their companies is what unleashes the power of the potential impact they can have in their communities and in the world.

The kinds of questions we ask are

  • “What’s most important to you?”
  • “What things do you care most about?”
  • “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

There are no right or wrong answers – and there are no hard-fast criteria we look for. We look for people with potential – and genuine curiosity.  We look for people who share our values of  Growth, Challenge, Trust and Caring.

Leadership Rarely Happens by Accident in an Organization

Effective leadership may start at the top – but to be effective must be present from top to bottom and side-to-side in every organization.

Gaining this kind of alignment often begins with the organization’s leaders becoming more aware and more competent in roles as leaders. It requires an understanding that leadership truly is a performance art. To improve any organization’s performance, those leading the organization must develop the art of leadership to a high level of performance.

It also requires building a fully competent organization – so that the ranks of employees not only contribute to a high level of profitable performance – but do so with a sense of ownership of their own roles as both performers and leaders.

All of this requires a process of constant learning, growth and self-awareness. It also requires a road map guiding the journey and a clear vision and sense of purpose for the organization as a whole – and the individuals who comprise the organization

The BullFrog Group offers leadership development programs that help unleash the potential of those whose rolls are to lead the organization and it’s vision – as well as the development of leader from amongst the ranks of the employee base. We provide facilitated learning groups that focus on the fundamentals of personal and professional leadership in the context of each client company’s needs and objectives.

Our goal is to sharpen the skills of the current leaders – while building a foundation that will support the leaders of the future.

Leadership Cannot Be Taught – it must be learned.

It is through coaching and mentoring that leaders best learn.

Real leadership is an art. It requires finding something about who you are – something about what “makes you tick” and connecting that to whatever sense of purpose drives you to lead – and then focusing on how to become fully competent in your roll. Leaders don’t just behave differently – they think differently.

Coaching shows you how to learn differently.The objective is to help you discover what you need to know and don’t. It is a process of helping you learn what you therefor need to learn – not by teaching a syllabus – or providing a regiment of instruction or instructions – but by creating an awareness of how you can and must constantly improve to meet the dynamic changes of your organization, your marketplace and the world.

Coaching doesn’t answer questions – it questions the answers you already have. The intention is keep you thriving in learning and growth. It keeps you from becoming stagnant and locked within your comfort zone – by challenging you to examine what you think you know – to “interrogate reality.”

Our coaching approach is a process that operates much like the way an optician ascertains the adjustments needed to improve your vision: by shifting the lenses you look through, we can help you see farther, more clearly and find the fine details you may be missing.


Experiences that Challenge Your Thinking and Your Awareness 

We offer workshops and thought-forums to bring rich new experiences designed to challenge your thinking about critical aspects of leading organizations.

We know that nothing significant to an organization’s success or ultimate performance can be learned and mastered in a few hours. There are simply no recipes for any enduring success. If there were – everyone and every organization would be successful.

What we can accomplish over the course of a few hours or a few days – is to expose you do ideas that challenge the way you think about things. There are many critical elements to successfully leading and managing organizations that defy conventional thinking. Moreover, we understand that beliefs, systems and strategies that are steeped in conventional thinking – rarely get much better than average results.

We present programs on topics that include:

  • Fiscal Leadership (Non-accounting thinking for dynamic growth in profits, cash flow and sustainable growth)
  • Mastering Leadership Performance (Acting and Presentation workshops on Vital Communication)
  • The Contribution Effect (Non traditional Approaches to Value-Based Relationships – versus Transactional Sales)
  • Building Competent Organizations (How unconventional thinking drives extraordinary performance)

To be extraordinary – organizations must employ unconventional thinking – and unconventional means in order achieve the highest levels of performance possible. It begins by thinking about what’s possible – and then making it necessary.