Rippled Flag

Are you a Heroic Leader?

Or perhaps looking to unleash the Heroic Leader within you?

If so, you jump-in and  join the men and women who meet together, work together and together make a difference.

An African proverb observes that: To go fast, travel alone. To go far, travel together. The members of the BullFrog Group community choose to work together to take their vision and their companies to the boundaries of their potentials – and they break through those boundaries. They are not only committed to being better today then they were yesterday. they are committed to making a better world for tomorrow.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”Henry Ford

The BullFrog Group is a community of heroic business leaders. They are heroic because of the impact they have on their families, on the members of their organizations, the people in their communities – and potentially the people of the world. They are the men and women who deliberately make their organizations significantly successful. And with that success, they make a meaningful difference. What makes them heroes is that they contribute more to the social, economic and cultural needs of society than government, politics or public policy ever has – or will. They make the world and people’s lives better every day.

Our mission is to help those who lead their organizations become better, more effective leaders. Leaders who, by their influence send ripples out into the world through their commitment to the excellent work they do – and with the power of the high-performance organizations they lead.

The most powerful way to join our community is to become a member of one of our Peer-Advisors Boards – dedicated groups of either CEOs and Business Leaders or Key Executives – who meet monthly to both support and challenge each other. Together they work to solve problems and develop opportunities. More importantly – they are committed to their own and each others’ professional and personal growth.

Lifelong learning is the key to a successful and joy-filled life. Through constant improvement, our members expand the boundaries of their organizations by stretching the limits of their leadership. By becoming better leaders – they make better and bolder decisions, improve the performance of themselves and their organizations – and building a brighter bigger future.

We offer a full complement of customized programs that include:

  • Vistage Private Peer Advisory Groups
  • Organizational Leadership Development
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Forums and Workshop (both private and public)

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