The BullFrog Group Advanced Leadership Development Program


Leadership matters. It is not a destination. Leadership is a journey that has no end – but starts with the decision to know what you need to know, become what you need to be – and practice the competencies that enable you to do what few others ever actually succeed at doing.

The role of the leader is to capacitate the fullest potential of whatever you lead. It begins with developing your personal potential to learn how to learn what you need to know – and then to develop the kind of organization, the kind of people you need to have following. It all starts with have a purpose – and the greater, the more noble and the more relevant your cause – the greater your opportunity to realize all that potential.

The BullFrog Group Leadership Development Program is provides guidance for those who are willing and able to take such a journey. The aim is to help those who lead others – build sustainable high-performance organizations that make a difference in peoples lives, in our communities and in the world.

Our methodologies and the tools we use are steeped in the works of Dr. Lee Thayer – and the heroic leaders we have worked with.

It all begins with the Journey to Organizational Efficacy and High Performance.

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