Do you know what it takes to create a high performance organization?

Not merely a good organization, but a great one?

Please read on if you are interested in learning about an intensive, pragmatic and revolutionary coaching-based program for CEOs and business leaders with proven results that will help you measurably improve your competence and effectiveness as a leader and the competence and performance of your organization.


There Is No Recipe For Building a Great Organization

But There Is One Proven Way To

Gain a Sustainable Competitive Advantage:

See to it that your company does everything it does

better than anyone else – and improves upon that every day.

Philip.Liebman.PortraitSure, this is a tall order – but it is not an impossible task. Companies have been employing this approach successfully for more than 40 years with consistent results.
Perhaps the real problem to ponder – is not whether you might choose to do this in your organization – but what if one of the companies that does happens to be your competitor.

 * One reason CEOs see this as an impossible directive – is that most companies focus on being better at what their competition does – instead of focusing on constantly improving at what they themselves do best.

Davids don’t beat Goliaths by trying to get bigger. They don’t win by focusing their attention on their opponent’s strengths – but by developing and using their own strengths to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses.  – they win by doing what they do better. Chances are your company may have what it takes to have a sustainable competitive advantage. This is the foundation of building sustainable high-performance organizations – and requires that the organization understands where it needs to be fully competent – and makes certain that it is. It begins with competent leadership. 

Are You a Fully Competent Leader?

Competence in leadership has nothing to do with title, power or authority. It is entirely about the accomplishments of the organization that you lead. Competent leaders are extraordinary. You can track the impact of their leadership on the performance of the organization they lead. Like the conductors of great symphony orchestras, fully competent leaders bring together and harness the talent of top performers to collectively achieve what none of them could do alone. Virtually every player in that orchestra could stand alone and mesmerize the audience with a spectacular solo performance. But the conductor is not a great soloist. In fact, no one cares much to watch him or her perform. How they wave their baton might be entertaining – but it doesn’t speak to the value of her leadership.

Perhaps you have the talent, passion and even the tools to be a competent leader. It could be that you haven’t yet figured out who to use them effectively. Or perhaps you need to continue to hone your skills and abilities. Or it could be that you haven’t yet assembled the right organization or managed to get those you have to perform to their fullest potential. Fully competent leadership makes a business of developing people to perform at their potential – by making it both possible and necessary that they do so.

To be a fully competent leader – you must lead more than an organization – you must lead a cause. Great leaders are clear about why what must be done is necessary – and ensures that the cause of performance is just as clear throughout the organization. If you have no clear sense of purpose – you cannot be a fully competent leader.

What is you purpose, or your great, worthy cause? 

Why is it necessary that you do what you do? And why is it necessary that your organization does what it does? If the best answer you can give is to create a profit – you are wrong. Profit is important – but it the result of how well you accomplish whatever it is you aim to do – but it is not the aim. You create products and services to, as Peter Drucker said, create a customer. You build great organizations that can create great products and service customers well – and then you realize profit. And unless people understand why what they do is necessary – it is unlikely that people will give whatever they do their best effort. And their best effort is always, as Daniel Pink explores in his noteworthy bestselling book “Drive” – the result of intrinsic drive. We cannot exert external pressure on anyone and get their best performance. But when we make it possible and necessary – they will find that drive themselves. 

A great worthy cause or purpose brings strength and resiliency to organizations, it attracts and retains talent – and most important – as Simon Sinek points out in his book “Start with Why” – it creates customers.

My Purpose…

Is to help CEOs become the kind of leaders capable of building great organizations. I have spent the past 11 years coaching CEOs and top executives through my practice as a Vistage Group Chairman. I’ve seen the enormously positive impact on these men and women – and the impact they in turn have on their organizations. I saw the tremendous power of peer groups – and the efficacy of combining facilitated peer groups with effective coaching and mentoring. A also saw the limitations of working only two hours each month with my group members – and then the one day each month they worked together.  So I looked to further expand the results I have seen.

I believe that the men and women who lead great companies – especially small and mid-size organizations make the greatest positive difference in the world. By leveraging their success – utilizing both their means and their know-how when it comes to accomplishing things and getting things done – they can and do more to contribute to the social, economic and cultural needs of society that government, politics or public policy ever has or ever will. These men and women are truly my heroes – and my purpose is to ensure that the ranks of these heroes is ever-expanding. Our communities, our nation and the world depend on it.

My searching brought me to one of my early influences, one of the greatest minds in business performance transformation, Dr. Lee Thayer. Lee has devoted nearly fifty years to his mission of “Raising the quality of life in America one organization, one institution, and one person at a time. This is grounded in 4 concepts: competence, responsibility, purpose, and growth through learning.” He has served as a distinguished professor at top universities around the word, and a consultant to top US corporations, as well as The US Air Force, The US Postal Service and The Military Academy at West Point. (Use THIS LINK to learn more about Dr. Thayer and his work.

I have spent nearly two years as a Fellow at the Thayer Institute training directly under Dr. Thayer in the institute’s “Master Class Certification Course ” – studying Lees extensive work, learning the methods, concepts and tools he has developed and being mentored directly by Lee. I am now fully prepared to apply this work to my practice work as an advanced leadership coach – to help develop business leaders into the kinds of heroes that will change the world.

Here’s how it works:

There is no recipe for building a great organization. And no quick fix for any of the problems you and every business faces. You know that – because if there were – you would have found them already. Maybe you’ve even tried employing things people have sold you – only to find out what you knew all along – the only way to grow your company and to fix the problems – is to figure out how to do it yourself. The only thing that works – is what works for you.

What to Expect:

I have the resources available:  proven, pragmatic ways to create a fully competent organization that I will help you learn and apply. There is nothing proprietary or mysterious in what I have to offer you. The substantial accumulation of practical wisdom and proven concepts were all forged out of  repeatedly applied actual experience constantly improved upon over more than 40 years by Dr. Lee Thayer.  I will show you the tools and concepts that have turned average leaders into extraordinary leaders and mediocre companies into true high performing organizations. And I will help you learn how to implement these tools and concepts.

Every organization is different because every leader is unique in his or her talents, capabilities, vision and passion. What drives you is different than what drives anyone else. And the same is true for the people on your team and working in your company. This is why there is no one-size fits all solution.

I have the experience and the means to help you find and learn to use the tools you have, invent the ones that don’t exist – and improvise what you will need on the journey to creating a fully competent organization.  I will be working with you, as a guide and mentor by your side  prodding you to realize your potential as a leader, and your companies potential performance and prominence in the marketplace.

I am looking for one CEO to engage and partner with.

Three questions you need to need to answer are:

  1. Are you no longer willing to tolerate mediocre performance from yourself, your employees and your organization?
  2. Are willing to do the heavy lifting now – so you can enjoy and reap the benefits from leading a fully competent organization?
  3. Do you want to bring more life to the people you have the ability to impact: yourself, your family, your employees – and your community?

How to Begin…

It’s really pretty simple. You and I will spend about a day together ( there is no cost to you – please consider this my gift). We will explore whether working together makes sense for you – and makes sense for me. We will explore where you are and where you want to be – and what we both think is possible. If it’s a fit – we will map out the first steps and an idea of where the journey we will take together will go.

If we decide to go forward – we will both be clear as to our roles relative to the process, the commitment and what we think we will learn together on the way. Naturally, going forward there will be a cost – which we will agree to before going forward. We will both make commitments – and both have the opportunity to end the process at any time – though I expect we won’t until we have accomplished what we set out to do.

What You Should NOT expect:

Answers to Your Prayers – or even your questions. I will not solve your problems – nor would you want me to. I will use my extensive resources to help you solve your own problems, answer your questions – and design the future you would choose.

A Recipe for Success – There are no recipes, and there is no pre-determined course of action. This is a journey towards a destination that has no roadmap – because we can’t plan to get where you need to go – using established roads. This is about improvising the way and preparing for whatever obstacles, challenges and problems are certain to get in the way.

A Walk in The Park – What you put into this will determine what you get out. If you want to short easy walk – you’ll have little to show. But if you set your sights on something big, something ambitious – if you have a great and noble purpose driving you forward – the journey won’t be easy – but what you stand to gain will be enormous.

What You Must Do:

Think about what would change if your company was a fully competent organization. What would be different? And, is that worthwhile?

If it makes sense, I suggest you to give me a call today. We will schedule an initial conversation by phone – and if it makes sense, then schedule a day to spend together – and ultimately decide if this is a good decision for both of us.

# # #

To learn about how you can make your company more competent and raise the level of performance – contact Phil Liebman by email at – or by phone at 845.782.0178.

Phil Liebman is a Fellow at The Thayer Institute for Leadership Virtuosity and a leadership performance coach and catalyst. He is also a Group Chair with Vistage International where he leads CEO Peer groups and coaches top level executives. You can learn more by visiting