We are seeking one very special CEO to partner with – who believes that leadership is the foundation for their organization’s performance – and is willing to take a deep-dive into bringing out the fullest potential of yourself, your people and your organization. Please read below – and then contact us – if you think you are ready and have what it takes

Are You Ready to Make the Commitment and Do What it Takes to Transform Your Company Into a High Performance Organization (HPO)?

Having acquired knowledge is far less important to a leader’s success than your ability to learn. Learning is the key to growth. And growth is essential to life.

Most people, even those who may consider themselves to be life-long learners – have shut down their capacity to learn. More often we seek to validate what we already know. Or we expand upon what we are comfortable knowing. We focus more on what we are experts on and little on anything else we might need to know and don’t. Real learning is based on understanding what it is that you need to know that is required for the things you must accomplish. The essence in true leadership is learning. And the essence of learning is remaining open and curious – and understanding that questions are not just the genesis of learning – they are the result and great questions are the proof.

“A high performance organization is one that does everything it does better than anyone else —- and improves upon that every day — giving that organization a sustainable competitive advantage.” – Dr. Lee Thayer

The BullFrog Group’s founder and CEO, Phil Liebman is a Fellow at the Thayer Institute for Performance Virtuosity, where he has been studying advanced leadership and organizational efficacy under Dr. Lee Thayer, a world renowned author, thought leader, university professor and consultant. The Leadership Masters Class is devoted to the concepts, tools and applied thinking required to dramatically improve the performance of organizations and the people who lead them – towards the goal of becoming a High Performance Organization.

Mr. Liebman is currently seeking to engage a single CEO of a successful mid-size business – to work together on the Master Practicum – and collaborate to advance the thinking, design the tools and execute the concepts that will significantly raise the performance of the organization.

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What Kind of Leader are You?

More importantly, what kind of leader do you want and need to be?

Peter Drucker once quipped that the only requirement of being a leader – is having at least one willing follower. Being a leader does not prove – or accomplish anything. Most often it is a designation suggesting a level of power and authority – but without any consideration to the skills, competencies or qualities required of demonstrating leadership.

Leadership is more than static qualities or personal traits. Leadership is about efficacy. It ties together purpose and the actions necessary to accomplish the things required of consequential objectives. Leadership is about directing performance – of people as individuals and of the organization to which they belong.

The Navy Seals describe it this way :


Leadership is the ability to crate an environment that influences and directs the choices of others.

What kind of environment have you created? What level of influence to you have on the people you lead? And how do their choices reflect the needs, purpose and aspirations of the organization?

The Only Measure of Performance is… Performance!

Performance is the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, operation or function seen in terms of how successfully it was performed on the basis of what was accomplished. Most organizations measure performance by looking at the results – rather than the functions. Overlooking cause and measuring effect is a rudderless journey. Luck is confused for competency and success is more-or-less accidental. Achieving high performance requires deliberate leadership and understanding what it takes to balance the need for good luck (or consequences of bad luck) with the ability to create a compelling future. High Performance Organizations (HPOs) are what change the world, save lives and create a sustainable society.

The Arts and Leadership Community Initiative

The Arts and Leadership Community Initiative is just one of many ways CEOs can extend their influence in meaningful and positive ways that improve the lives of people in our communities. The Arts offers a unique opportunity to do so while improving the human potential within their organizations too.

The mission of The Arts and Leadership Community Initiative is to develop our leaders of tomorrow. The arts promote an awareness and way of thinking that are critical to developing highly effective leaders. And the same approach can be applied to emerging leaders in todays companies – as it is to developing personal leadership skills in our children that set the foundation for the world leaders that will someday emerge to take the world forward.

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