Sunset 2

By Phil Liebman, Founder and CEO, The BullFrog Group

Most people would agree this is a good question to ask a child. But what happens when you ask a grown-up person? What answer might you get from asking a successful CEO – or a world leader? What answer would you give if you asked yourself – “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

I would hope that until the day I eventually die – I will have some sense of what I want to be better capable of – more competent at – tomorrow. It may be a person more able to deal with the challenges of today – or it might be a person able to make a better tomorrow for someone else – or perhaps everyone else.

There is also a tremendous value to being “forever young.” Perhaps it is unlikely that we can reverse the aging of our bodies – but we can always stem the aging of our minds. Our minds become more flexible, more plastic – more powerful as we age – provided we cause this to be so. How can you challenge yourself to think more youthfully about things? How could you approach life with greater curiosity – and how might that change how you approach things?

When our learning is done, our life is over. When we stop growing – we are only dying. There is no need to self-afflict the aging of our human spirit. We make each breath count – by continuously asking what I want to accomplish tomorrow – and what I must I be in order to do so. What do I want to be when I grow up?